Pastor Mike Way – Charlevoix, MI

Pastor James Harris – Kalamazoo MI

It’s Important To Instill These Truths…
How can so many people, be involved in so many churches, in so many places around the world, and not realize that their ministry matters?

Recently our church had Pastor Ted Brancheau come speak on the subject of “Your Ministry Matters.” The response was very encouraging, it was almost as if “the light came on” for many of our people in relation to the ministry of helps. In fact, one of our department head leaders was in the process of stepping down from their position. After listening to Pastor Ted talk about how important their role was, they have since reconsidered, and now serve with more vision and passion than ever before!

Since then, we have decided to hand out a copy of “Your Ministry Matters” to every person that goes through the new member’s class at our church. We believe it’s important to instill these truths in our people before they begin serving!

So, I wonder, how many other key leaders, and workers, are serving in local churches around the world out of a sense of obligation, not even realizing how much their ministry matters?

-Daniel Winn
Pastor, Cedar Rapids Family Church

We All Know That We Have Strengths…
We all know that we have strengths in our ministry… our passion for something is how I believe God motivates us to focus on our callings. Getting lay people involved in ministry and helping them understand the importance of their role is Pastor Ted’s.

His seminars have helped and motivated the family at CFC to take us to a new level. His practical, biblically based teaching has done more to get our family members involved in the work of the ministry than anything I have ever done.

-Dan Berry,
Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Family Church

Your Material Has Brought About A Great Change.
Dear Man of God Ted, Love and greetings from my family and the pastors working with us. We appreciate your prayers and commitment to be of help us and our ministers.The teaching material about the ministry of helps has brought about a great change in my young church. I started teaching it and I can now see everybody in the church is trying to see what he or she can do and how he or she can be of help to the ministry. I believe by the time I finish teaching it most of them will be of great help to the ministry. I told the church that these teaching come from Pastor Ted. The church elders told how they wish to see you and have you speak to them.

God bless you with our love,
Pastor Ismael

I Am No Longer Burdened And Burned Out…
Hello Pastor Ted, Yes, your Ministry of Helps teaching and materials have been very helpful to us in the church and also in the Bible School, in fact the Ministry of Helps is one of our Major subjects in the Bible School and every year end we will give a Ministry of Helps award to those students who have excelled in this subject, both in theory and in application. We are using all your materials and outlines for this subject. Thank you so much for this Pastor Ted. It has also helps us in the church because as I teach this to the congregation, I have seen changes to our people. Everyone is now participating in the ministry works. I am no longer burdened and burned out by so many works in the church because I delegated it to my workers. And they are so happy doing their works in the ministry. Praise the Lord.

Sister Virgie
My, My, What Wonderful Truths!!!


I met a Man in the far East where I had traveled for a Conference a week ago. We liked one another and realized we share a lot in Common in our Lord Jesus Christ’s House. We went deeper to know each other and Blessed be the Lord we ever met! His name is Ismael Bamuleke from Jinja. After some days together he shared with me about a ministry he is proud of and a minister he has fallen in Love with, Pastor Ted. After the conference he took me home and gave me two copies of your syllabus: “THE MINISTRY OF HELPERS IN SCRIPTURE,” and your set of DVD’s entitled: “GROWING OUT OF HARD PLACES.”

I went to the neighborhood where I could find a DVD player and listened to them. My my what wonderful Truths! I read the syllabus through a few times and I prayed. God help me to understand this in a deeper way that I may teach it in the conference I have to speak in tomorrow. I was picked the next morning to go teach in that general conference and I taught chapter one of the syllabus for two days. The whole church was healed and the Pastor was very happy.

I also taught the same chapter in an other conference that I have just returned from and I can’t explain in words what the Lord is doing. This is a Powerful Revelation worth teaching to the whole body of Christ in Uganda. I have come to Love your ministry and your style as a person. I really Pray that we may get in touch and penetrate more places with this gospel truth. I am a Pastor in a Local Church here in Kasambya, Mubende district. I have a call to evangelize, teach, train leaders, help people, and simply serve the KING in all ways.

Pastor Tugume Asa Mudios