Questioning “Christianity” #2


Stop and think about what you’ve read in the Bible about the church, and then compare it to what we know today AS the church.  It seems possible not everyone who identifies as a Christian really is.

If you DO look close, much of the church looks more like the world than a people set apart for the Lord; acting like the world acts, wanting what it wants, talking like it talks, and dressing like it dresses, etc.?

If  the Word is true and broad, wide, and MANY are destroyed, and narrow, straight, and FEW find life, EVERYONE, including church folks, need to take a CLOSE look at what they base their eternity on. Hence, QUESTIONING ‘CHRISTIANITY’.


As for me I think I’d like to know the day appointed for me to die. I’d want to do a last minute inventory and know as sure as I can possibly know that I’ve surrendered everything to Christ. (I know we should live like this all the time but as I’m thinking about actually knowing the moment of death, it seems a bit more crucial.) I’d maybe share Christ with someone I missed, say my good-byes, make things right that I now discover really didn’t matter, and give last minute words of wisdom and experience to those who might listen to me now that they know I’m checking out. I’m sure if I dwell on this a bit more I could add to this list, but I’d rather not think about it.

As I think about it, an unexpected death doesn’t sound so good. I think I’d like a bit of warning. Once my wife and I traveled to a place where there were big waves. Being unfamiliar with their power and effects I waded out into the water. Before I knew what was happening one of those waves caught me off guard. I was completely unprepared for what came next. I felt like I was suddenly caught in the spin cycle of an industrial wash machine. I didn’t know what hit me. I was thoroughly unaware and unsuspecting.

Jesus said there would be people like that at His coming. Unwittingly and unknowingly overtaken in the spin cycle of death, they never saw coming or even considered; like sheep to the slaughter.

In Matt 24:36-39 Jesus isn’t talking to people who will be hanging out at the Mall or even a tavern. No, Jesus is speaking to those who will IDENTIFY as Christians. It’s a warning to people like you and me.

Matt 24:39 and [they] did not know until the flood came and took them all away…

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