Questioning “Christianity”


You don’t need to look to close at the church to discover ‘Not Everything That Goes Baa Is A Sheep’. Said clearer, not everyone who identifies as a Christian really is.

If you DO look close, much of the church looks more like the world than a people set apart for the Lord; acting like the world acts, wanting what it wants, talking like it talks, and dressing like it dresses, etc.?

If broad, wide, and MANY are destroyed, and narrow, straight, and FEW find life is true, EVERYONE, including church folks, need to take a CLOSE look at what they base their eternity on. Hence, QUESTIONING ‘CHRISTIANITY’.

Part ONE

Living Life Like Sheep To The Slaughter

No matter what part of the world your from, or what century you lived in, everyone has two things in common; we all came into the world the same way, and we are all going out the same way. All of us came in through the birth canal, and, all of us will travel through the one-way passage of death. Everyone. All living and breathing animals whether through the egg, or womb will one day run their course and return to the dust.

I wonder how many people who eat chicken or beef ever think about the fact that those meats didn’t really get their start at a fast food counter or a grocery store? Many of those creatures got their start as barnyard or feed lot farm animals. They had a real life before they reached their appointed fate. They ate, drank, slept and wakened. Maybe some romped in a pasture, reproduced, raised little ones, and grew unwittingly to maturity. Then one day, being totally unaware of what was looming ahead, they were rounded up and met their end without the slightest inkling of their fate. They never saw it coming. I believe the saying is; like sheep to the slaughter. Many people live and die like that. This most definitely includes a vast number of people who “identify” as Christian. (The Bible says this. I’m just repeating it. More on this later.)

It is not only possible, but probable, that many “in name only” Christians may meet their end like those barnyard animals without the slightest inkling of their fate. Blindly, like sheep to the slaughter…


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