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Mike WayTed,

I want to thank you for writing this book and for sharing your God-given thoughts with us on how important it is for EVERYONE to recognize how important they are to the family of God.

We organized our Wednesday midweek bible study around this book for the summer months. My wife choose various locations around Charlevoix, including people’s homes and various parks and beaches in the public sector to have our “book study”. Each week was lead by a different person. Chapters were assigned ahead of time so people could read up on what was going to be discussed that particular night. The leader lead the discussion and pointed out what specifically stood out to them. Everyone was encouraged to give their thoughts and discuss how God is challenging them in new areas of body ministry.

We ended the summer series with an invitation for you and your wife to visit and share with us, which was a huge success. I believe that the more we continue to exercise as a body the simple yet profound ways that we all can minister in the body through our individual giftings we will see the Kingdom of God grow into our communities.

Thanks again for sharing your gift with us. We are blessed by it and will see much fruit as a result.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Mike Way


Let me help.  I would be thrilled to help your church understand these truths.

This Blog contains the heart of the book… “Your Ministry Matters”. It’s now available. You can even read the first chapter on line free. It sets the heart in line with the Lord’s plan. Workmen can’t help but come forth from that place!

If you are interested or know someone who is, (or should be), pass along this link. It is a short 4 minute video introduction about the Ministry Of HELPERS in Scripture.

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