What comes to mind when the word “MINISTRY” is heard?

Most think of clergy or pastor. That’s true, but MINISTRY takes in a much larger group.

The WHOLE church is the representation of Jesus Christ on the earth today. Jesus is doing today what He set out to do over two thousand years ago. His MINISTRY was shown in and through His physical body.

Today, as the Head of the church, His ministry is manifested through His Spiritual Body, the Church. The MINISTRY of Christ is made up of His WHOLE Body, various and individual parts. As a part of that Body, you have a ministry and YOUR MINISTRY MATTERS.

Many feel they have such a small role in the Body that they’re unnecessary. OK, let’s test that. What part of your natural, physical, body are you willing to cut off and discard because it is needless? (NONE!) If you think that about your physical body, what does Jesus feel about His physical Body?

All through the Bible a people called “THEY” is spoken of. No significant move of God happened without “THEY”. In fact, without “THEY” the church seemed to lack power because the Body had missing parts. ______________________________________________________

The HELPERS you need to accomplish God’s vision are nearer than you think. As you watch I trust the Lord will impart to you both hope and vision.

Join author, pastor, and missionary Ted Brancheau Jr. and know with assurance that you fill a vital role in the Body, and when and where you’re called to do it.

Below is a short 3-4 minute video from a message God has been using to empower HELPERS all around the World.

God has set the members, each one of them, (from the parking lot to the pulpit), in the body just as He pleased. 1 Cor 12:18